Analyzer™ with Recombinant BI
A Smarter Way to View Your Data
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All Things Connected
The Internet of Things (IoT), made possible by advances in mobile technologies and evergrowing smart connected devices, is rapidly upon us creating both an enormous challenge and a golden opportunity to many business enterprises.
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See Through the Clutter
The explosive growth of Big Data and the ability to accurately and decisively harness the deeper meaning of facts in various applications to discover market trends and create value and new opportunity is the utmost challenge that today’s enterprise’s face.
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BI That Fits
Whether it’s deployment for internal decision support or to provide cloud-based services to external customers, Analyzer’s™ Recombinant BI is widely adopted by businesses of all shapes and sizes that deal with risk management, Internet sales analysis, consumer health measurement, retail intelligence, rail freight services, and more – dynamically providing users with complete self-service data analysis capabilities to create opportunity and values from the sea of data in front of them.