Reseller Partner

Analyzer™ Reseller Program

We are proud to work with a network of reseller and referral partners around the world. Our partners often specialize in providing custom services and solutions to customers in many different industries. We value and appreciate their knowledge, skill and expertise and our partners recognize the value that Analyzer™ offers their customers in completing a successful and comprehensive end-to-end BI solution.


Our reseller partners have full access to our education library and live training classes

Higher Profit Margins

Experience higher profit margins through our generous reseller program

Resource Access

Our resource center is full of everything our resellers need to help sell Analyzer™

Technical Support

We offer priority support to our resellers. Never go without help.

Lead Generation

We like seeing our partners go. Our lead generation program directs prospects to you.

Flexible License Models

Our flexible license model makes sure you are getting the right product to the right customers

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