Analyzer™ SaaS

A Multi Tenant Analytics Solution

Our Cloud Analytics Providers use Analyzer™ to provide ad-hoc design and reporting capabilities to their customers in the retail, healthcare, banking, insurance, supply chain, energy, and other industry markets. Our completely web-based model greatly reduces our partners’ time to implementation and ongoing maintenance costs.


Created to meet the specific needs of Cloud and SaaS Solution providers, Analyzer SaaS TM is designed as a multi-tenant platform that is secure and scalable, quick and easy to deploy and manage, and provides all of the benefits of our on premise version to your customers.


Analyzer’s Multi-Tenant version is designed specifically to help Solution Providers easily manage and scale an out-of-the-box analytics solution for their customers. Active Directory and Single Sign On (SSO) authentication models are available to fully integrate with your security management system.


Additionally, a full set of web service APIs are available to help automate common and repetitive tasks, which allows for greater scalability and ease of administration. You can embed and integrate Analyzer™ directly into your portal or application in different ways based on your requirements. Web parts are also available if you are deploying through SharePoint.


Fully scalable with load balance servers, Analyzer™ is cloud ready. You can install Analyzer™ on your Amazon EC2, Azure VM, or other PAAS providers’ cloud server. Upgrades, including all new features, provided several times a year for current customers.

Our Expert Cloud Solution Providers


The success of our Cloud Analytics Provider program is due to the win/win opportunities provided by this model to our Solution Providers, their customers, and us. Revenue from our Cloud Analytics Providers business has nearly doubled year after year. With new providers coming onboard, the opportunity for growth is almost endless.


Analyzer SaaS™ – Delivering the best analytics experience to your customers


Delivering the best analytics user experience to your customers in the most cost-effective and easy-to-deploy way possible gives you a powerful combination that will make the difference in your overwhelming success.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Simple and secure – Benefit from the ability to manage all of your customers in the most organized and secure way possible with Analyzer SaaS.

Easy To Use

Accelerate the learning curve – Intuitive user interface increases user adoption and growth while reducing support efforts by you and your team.

Powerful Analytics

Data-driven results – A wide variety of components, data visualizations, charts, and maps let your customers get what they need from their data.

100% Zero-footprint

Ultimate flexibility – Customers access their data from anywhere using a browser or mobile device, and you have no client software to maintain!


Total, partial, or somewhere in between – Analyzer SaaS offers fully customizable, out-of-the-box integration with your existing application.


Built to grow as you grow – And with Analyzer SaaS on your side giving your customers ultimate power over their data, your company will grow!

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