Working With Excel Files in Analyzer™

In this short tutorial video, we will be using a raw excel data file from a retail store to show how fast and simple you can import your data using Analyzer™ as a business solution. You will be able to see step-by-step how to create a pivot table, add formulas for any new measures for your business needs and design your own easy to read charts and graphs.

Creating a P&L Report with Group Tables

Providing users with the ability to formulate data, Excel has become a useful tool for financial professionals. However, it is typical for financial professionals to accumulate a large amount of data over time. This mass of data can quickly outgrow Excel’s row and column limitations, forcing users to work from multiple workbooks. Tasks, such as; comparing profit and loss by time, location or department can become increasing difficult as the number of Excel spreadsheets must be combined to formulate the report. This repetitive process is both very time consuming and inefficient.


In this video, we will demonstrate how to use Analyzer™ self-service BI to upload Excel and integrate it into one data source. We will create a sample financial profit and loss report to show you in a few simple steps that you can streamline the process of creating reports and data analysis.

Creating a P&L Report with Group Tables (Part 2)

Are you having difficulties providing your companies executives with Financial Analysis Reports in a timely manner?

Do you spend hours, or even days merging numerous Excel files, constantly checking formulas and for errors?

This video will introduce you to an easy and efficient method for preparing Financial Analysis Reports. Not only will it save you time, but you will also get different analysis perspectives and increased practical value.

Working With Data Packages In Analyzer™

In this video we will show you how to work with Analyzer’s powerful data packages functionality. You will see how to format your data properly, import your data set and how to append new data to existing sets.

Getting the Most Out of Your Analytics

This video will introduce you to the Analyzer’s robust reporting capabilities and intuitive interface.