Supply Chain

Supply Chain Analytics

The supply chain is a complex system. Analyzing data to improve the logistics and supply chain performance has become of increasing importance to most organizations in this complex economic environment. With rising fuel costs and overseas competition biting into the bottom line, organizations are in search of effective ways to cut costs while still ensuring on-time delivery and maintaining customer satisfaction.
The traditional supply chain was a process of wait and react. With reliable analytics and ad-hoc query the supply chain can now better sense the needs of the market and plan a response to those needs.
Analyzer™ helps supply chain professionals better plan for the markets ever-changing needs by bringing together desperate systems into one data source, and creating reports, dashboards and visualizations to aid supply chain professionals in making better, faster decisions.

See routes and fuel consumptions though visualizations, such as heat maps, to ensure your deliveries are being made in the most cost effective manner possible.

The supply chain is judged by the speed and accuracy of it’s deliveries. Long waits make for unhappy customers. Making changes to delivery methods through accurate, real-time reporting helps to ensure a happy customer base and repeat business.