How would access to key analytics change your industry standards? Each industry has unique analytic needs. Whether it’s tracking product movement or performance metrics, analyzing patient flow or market trends, Analyzer™ offers versatile tools built to fit your industry. Discover true industry-specific Business Intelligence: Dashboards, Reporting, and Analytics.


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Does your department have access to the metrics and KPIs they need? Successful companies make data-driven decisions, but each department finds value in different data sets. Analyzer™ gives departmental decision makers the ability to perform ad-hoc analysis, create dashboards, and generate reports in real time and without the help of your IT department.


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Transform your data into insights quickly and easily with Analyzer™ Business Intelligence Solutions. Regardless of industry or department, Analyzer’s simple drag and drop interface allows you to create reports, dashboards, and visualizations suited for your unique needs. Free yourself from the constraints of traditional OLAP BI with the unmatched agility of Analyzer’s group tables to see your data in nearly any combination imaginable.


Discover Analyzer™ Business Intelligence: Dashboards, Reporting, and Analytics suited for your company’s data needs.

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