Our Partner Program

At Strategy Companion, we take great pride in our global network of partners. With 3,600 partners worldwide, we see each of our partners as a unique division of our organization. Whether coming from a SaaS, OEM, or Reseller perspective, we recognize that each partner brings a unique and valued breadth of knowledge and expertise to our organization.


In order to build mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, we offer an array of partner benefits, including lead generation, training opportunities, and certification support. We work with each partner to customize solutions for their clients’ or employer’s individual analytic needs, and we ensure that each partner is educated fully on the product they are representing. We understand that our partners’ success is directly linked to our own success.


SaaS Partner

Supporting your ability to host multi-tenant solutions that feature ad-hoc analytics and self-service report generation.


Providing dynamic flexibility with the seamless integration of Analyzer™ into your OEM applications or bundled services.


Adding value to your services and processes by completing your comprehensive end-to-end business intelligence solution.

As a part of our partner program, we offer full access to the customer service and technical support of our Analyzer™ Team. After all, we can only be successful when our partners are successful.

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