Critical Thinking Through Analytics

With funding dependent on such things as attendance the need to ensure administrators are seeing up to the minute and reliable data is crucial in making decisions. Today the modern school system is creating more data than ever before. Accessing and responding to this data to improve student experience, performance and curriculum has become of paramount importance to educators.
Analyzer™ makes it easy for administrators to capture, view and interpret data such as student performance, including enrollment and attendance and teacher evaluations. Schedule a demo today to see Analyzer™ in action.

The attendance-based funding formula places dollar amounts on student absences. Chronically absent students, or students who miss 10% of the school year or more, cost public schools millions in state funding every year. The change from enrollment based funding to attendance based funding has placed greater emphasis on the importance of tracking student attendance and finding ways to ensure academic success.

The teacher is the single most important influence of a student’s performance. Data now supports that teachers who score higher on their evaluations tend to have students who out perform on state testing standards. Tracking teacher performance over a period and comparing that data to student performance help administrators to guide and help improve teachers in their areas of weakness. This ability to track both teacher and related student performance helps both district administration and on campus administration develop programs to ensure teacher and student success.