Executive Dashboards Built For Faster, Better Decisions

As the CEO of your company it is important for you to see everything that is going on in you organization at a moment’s notice. From sales and marketing to IT and operations, seeing your company’s data in a clear and concise dashboard is imperative to making informed decisions.


Executives are primarily focused on the overall performance of an organization. With Analyzer™ Financial Intelligence, executives have the ability to quickly evaluate Profitability Ratios, Liquidity Ratios, Management Efficiency Ratios, Leverage Ratios and Valuation and Growth ratios. Below are some of the predesigned reports available to executives:

Profitability Analysis


Gross Profit Rate, Return on Sales(ROS), Return on Assets(ROA)Return on Stockholders’ Equity(ROE)


Liquidity Analysis


Quick Ratio, Current Ratio, Cash Ratio, Net Working Capital


Leverage Analysis


Debt Ratio, Equity Ratio, Debt-Equity Ratio, Times Interest Earned


Management Efficiency Analysis


Receivable Turnover, Days Sales Outstanding, Inventory Turnover, Days Inventory Outstanding, Accounts Payable Turnover, Days Payable Outstanding, Operating Cycle, Cash Conversion Cycle, Total Assets Turnover


Valuation and Growth Analysis


Earnings per Share(EPS), Price-Earnings Ratio(PE), Dividend Pay-out Ratio, Dividend Yield Ratio, Book Value per Share

Why CEOs Like Dashboards

CEOs are busy. They cannot afford to commit their time to assessing multiple, disparate reports from across an organization. CEO dashboards give business leaders the ability to bring siloed data to one dashboard, thus empowering them to make faster, better decisions.


CEO dashboards provide a big picture view, providing insight across all aspects of a business. Self-service dashboards enable busy CEOs to effectively explore relevant analytics without being dependent on IT personnel.