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Extend The Power Of Analytics To Your Entire Organization


Successful businesses are driven by leaders who can make informed decisions in real-time. With the fast pace of today’s business environment, decision makers not only need access to data, but also to the analytics that give data meaning.


Analyzer™ provides a powerful, self-service business intelligence solution that allows managers to explore, visualize, publish, and share actionable insights in minutes. Users can ask questions of their data to uncover trends, opportunities, and projections. Business executives can examine the overall performance of the company or the success of a specific division in an instant. The opportunities are endless.


With Analyzer™, business users are able to make better decisions based on real-time data through a secure, scalable, and social business intelligence solution.

Intuitive Design


Get insights in an instant with an easy-to- use drag and drop interface.

Rapid Analytics


Create dynamic reports, dashboards, and visualizations faster than ever.



Access analytics in the office or on the road with your mobile devices.



Share insights quickly and easily with Analyzer’s communal functionality.

Multiple Data Sources


Connect a multitude of data sources to visualize the complete picture.



Adapt to growing user counts and data sets with consistent performance.

I need a BI Solution for:

Internal BI

Analyzer Enterprise TM is an on-premise BI solution for ad-hoc, self-service reporting, analytics, data discovery and dashboards…

Hosting a BI Solution

Created to meet the needs of Cloud and SaaS solution providers, Analyzer SaaS™ is designed with a multi-tenant architecture…

Bundled OEM

Our on embedded, on-premise model integrates seamlessly into your existing applications, portals, and systems…

Reselling a Solution

We  with a network of reseller and referral partners around the world. Our partners often specialize in custom services…

Discover The Difference of Group Table Technology

Using proprietary technology, the group table functionality of Analyzer™ was developed with the end user in mind. Group tables free business users from the constraints of traditional OLAP BI, increasing flexibility and adding value to the data sources. With Analyzer’s™ group table functionality, users step outside the old structures to enjoy true ad-hoc analytics.

Data Packages 2.0

Analyzer Data Packages 2.0 provides a quick and easy way to convert data from Excel files and inter-related relational database tables into multi-dimensional Analytics Cubes, all without using any complicated development tools or needing to know any special languages. Completed Analytics Cubes then become the source for multi-dimensional data analysis. Users can build reports using Analyzer’s easy-to-use report design front-end.


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